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People are your first line of defence against a cyber attack! 

Cyber Awareness is the key...

Security as a Culture is increasingly how organisations are turning their thinking as they battle the burgeoning nature of cyber threats.  To be truly effective, this has to be instilled from the top. ALC offers a comprehensive cyber awareness program designed to underpin the development of security as a culture. The program addresses four key levels in the organisation.  

Cyber Security for Directors & the Board

1 - 2 Hours

This presentation is designed specifically for directors and board members to provide a thorough understanding of their legal and fiduciary liabilities and responsibilities and a sound insight into the diverse nature of the threats and how these can be addressed in order to enhance business capability and increase cyber resilience.

Cyber Security for Management & C-Suite

1 - 3 Hours

This presentation is designed for C-Suite executives & management to provide them with a deeper understanding of the nature and magnitude of the cyber risks they face, their own role in addressing these risks, and the range of actions available to maximise their organisation’s cyber resilience. The presentation is fully customisable to fully meet the needs of your organisation.

Cyber Security  Awareness for General Staff

1 - 2 Hours

This presentation is designed to ensure that staff understand the basic road rules of how to safely interact with computer networks and systems.  The presentation deals with the major threats such as malware and phishing and the role that individuals need to play and the responsibilities that they themselves may face, including steps they can and should take in their daily activities to minimise the chance of data breaches. 

Security Essentials

Half-day or Full Day

This presentation is designed for people in a non-technical role who need a more comprehensive understanding of cyber security than what is provided in general awareness training.  The course covers the “why” and the “what” more so than the “how”, which is the province of the technical specialist. It can be presented either on a full-day or half-day basis and is fully customisable.

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Why Provide Cyber Awareness Training?

  • Mitigate Risks: Reduce the risk of costly data breaches and cyberattacks by empowering your team with the latest cybersecurity insights.

  • Empower Employees: Arm your staff with the knowledge to make informed decisions when encountering suspicious emails, links, or files.

  • Protect Your Organisation's Reputation: Safeguard your company's reputation by preventing security incidents that could damage your brand.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay compliant with industry regulations and avoid potential fines associated with data breaches.

  • Customised Training: We tailor our training to your organisation's unique needs, ensuring it's relevant and engaging for your team.

  • Real-World Scenarios: Our training includes real-world scenarios, giving your employees practical experience in handling cyber threats.

What You Get with ALC's Cyber Awareness Training:

Live Training

The biggest difference in ALC's offering vs programs such as KnowBe4, Percipio etc. is that our offering is completely Live. These courses are not self-paced/pre-recorded "off the shelf" sessions.

Personal Interaction

Instructor-led training sessions provide direct interaction with an expert trainer, allowing for Q&A sessions and immediate clarification of doubts.

Practical Learning

The sessions feature extensive real-life examples and demonstrations, thereby enhancing understanding and retention.


The sessions are fully customisable and can be readily adapted to the unique needs and challenges of your organisation.

Group Dynamics

In-person sessions can foster group discussions and collaboration among participants.

Timely Completion

Having a planned session confirms everyone has completed the training in a timely matter. No need to chase people to complete online modules.

Virtual or Face-to-Face

Our Cyber Awareness training is available either Face-to-Face or as Virtual Instructor-led training via MS Teams, Zoom or the platform of your choice.

With either delivery format - the outcome, materials and inclusions are the same. We pride ourselves on providing the best learning experience whether that's in a physical or virtual classroom or virtually via Zoom. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Virtual or Face-to-Face ALC Training
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions self-paced?

No - The biggest difference to ALC's offering vs programs such as KnowBe4, Percipio etc. is that our offering is completely Live. These courses are not self-paced/pre-recorded "off the shelf" sessions. ALC's Cyber Awareness sessions are 100% live and instructor-led and provide direct interaction with an expert trainer, allowing for Q&A sessions and immediate clarification of doubts.

Are the sessions face-to-face?

ALC is able to present the sessions face-to-face on-site at your location for your team if that is your preference. We simply require a room, projector and whiteboard! Alternatively, we can also offer these session as Virtual Instructor-led training via platforms such as Zoom or MS Teams (works well for remote teams or larger teams spread across multiple locations).

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