3 steps to a smooth PRINCE2 implementation

First introduced to the business world more than two decades ago, PRINCE (Projects in Controlled Environments) has long been the undisputed standard in project management methodologies.

With PRINCE2 representing the latest iteration in this very successful formula, companies over the years have used it time and time again to establish best practices in project management. As a highly sophisticated and powerful tool, it makes sense to embed it into your organisation right from the get-go.

Taking the time to implement PRINCE2 correctly from the start will ensure your company begins on the front foot and can instantly reap the benefits. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Remember – it's not set in stone

There is often a misjudged perception that PRINCE2 is highly inflexible and bureaucratic, offering a generic, one-size-fits-all solution regardless of user. 

This is simply not true – although PRINCE2 does prescribe processes and methodologies, remember that it is in fact a very flexible system that can adapt to your organisation's specific needs. Taking this open approach to implementation will help ensure you can leverage the most out of PRINCE2 and make it work for your organisation – not the other way round.

2. Assess your existing business processes

One of the benefits of PRINCE2's flexibility is that it can work with your organisation's existing processes, meaning you don't have to make any radical changes to accommodate it.

Take a look at the methodologies offered by PRINCE2 as well as your existing methods, and assess how you can seamlessly embed it to fit in with your way of doing things.

3. Get your staff trained up

Being a highly powerful and complex system, it's essential that your staff receives the right accredited training to make the most out of PRINCE2.

With a range of PRINCE2 training courses available today – whether provided in-house or at the facilitator's venue – your organisation can quickly equip its employees with the skills required to implement PRINCE2 and take its projects to the next level.