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AgileBA® Foundation & Practitioner

Master the role of Agile Business Analyst with the AgileBA course and certification

  • Duration 4 Days
  • Fee - Virtual Instructor-Led $2,760 + GST
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Virtual Instructor-led Training | AEST 19 - 22 August 2024 08:30 am - 04:00 pm


AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner 

Developed by APMG in partnership with the DSDM Consortium, AgileBA® is a new guidance, training and certification scheme designed for business analysts working in an agile environment.

The Agile Business Analyst is a critical role within an agile project team and with more and more organisations adopting agile approaches, we need to ensure those performing this crucial role have the necessary skills and expertise.

The AgileBA syllabus and exams are based on the AgileBA Handbook (published by DSDM). The Handbook offers the first comprehensive set of guidance, framework and practices for the business analyst working on an agile project.

This 4-day Foundation & Practitioner AgileBA course has been designed to give the Business Analyst the skills needed to successfully gather, analyse, validate and champion the requirements throughout an Agile project. It also gives context to the Agile Business Analyst role beyond the individual project, in relation to organisational mission and strategy, providing additional depth and guidance for business analysis in an agile context.

This 4-day AgileBA training course will help individuals and organisations: Lay the foundations for successful agile projects & explain how the business analyst role and skills fit in an Agile environment. It will also:

  • Clarify the different ways of working with the Agile BA during the phases of an Agile project
  • Outlines the lifecycle of an Agile requirement and how to write good, effective Agile requirements
  • Provide a comprehensive set of techniques and practices for effective business analysis and collaborative agile working.

Our Trainers Make the Difference

  • Michelle Zgalin

    Michelle's career has centred around project delivery, business analysis, facilitation and consulting having spent over 20 years in the IT industry working in Australia as well as in the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

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  • Leigh Harris

    Leigh is a recognised professional in the development and delivery of project, programme, and enterprise architecture training. He has held roles as a training manager and facilitator within leading consultancies and multi-national training organisations.

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Learning Outcomes

Benefits for the Individual

The Agile Business Analyst certification provides business analysts involved in Agile projects, large and small, with the tools they need to adopt an agile approach. It gives advice on focus and value-delivery and guidance on working with business stakeholders, developers, testers and outlines the skills needed to deliver solutions incrementally. It equips the business analyst with techniques to incorporate Agile approaches into a programme and to align change with organizational objectives.

Individuals will gain:-

  • Knowledge and understanding of AgileBA
  • Agile Business Analysis techniques
  • How to move from traditional to more agile ways of working

Benefits for the Organisation

AgileBA will provide an organisation with a standard approach to executing agile projects, as the approach is aligned with AgilePM and AgilePgM.

Implementation of AgileBA delivers the following advantages:

  • Informs Agile and traditional project managers – who often also have business analysis responsibilities, of the content of an Agile business analyst role in addition to educating them on Agile techniques.
  • Scrum developers will benefit from gaining an understanding of the Business Analyst role. AgileBA fills the gap of lacking Business Analyst understanding as a result of there being no defined roles for Scrum developers.
  • Product Owners will benefit from the Agile development skills delivered during the AgileBA training courses.

Who Should Attend

AgileBA guidance, training and certification are designed to benefit a wide range of roles including:

  • Business Analysts
  • Change Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Scrum Product Owners/Managers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Agile Developers.

Course Contents

  • The role of business analyst in an agile world
  • Agile fundamentals and the agile BA
  • The agile business case
  • Stakeholders in the agile project
  • Requirements and user stories
  • Prioritisation
  • Workshop
  • Modelling
  • Timeboxing and Iterative Development
  • Requirements planning and estimating throughout the lifecycle
  • The requirements lifecycle in an agile project
  • Making the transition to agile BA
  • I really liked the course, I feel I have learnt a lot and have some really good material to take away. The trainer was very passionate and engaging in this course.

    Live Virtual Training | 2022


AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner

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Fees $ per person

AgileBA Foundation & Practitioner Course + Certificate Exam

  • $2760 + GST

All participants will receive:

  • ALC’s Agile Business Analysis course workbook
  • The official Agile Business Analysis Textbook written and published by the Agile Business Consortium. 
  • Official APMG certificate exam
  • Credly digital badge alongside APMG certificate
  • free Professional Assessment at Business Agility Professional Level 1 – Explorer.

If you want to take Foundation only

Most participants prefer to take the 4-day Foundation+Practitioner combined. Please contact ALC in you want to take just the 3-day Foundation.

AgileBA Foundation Course + Certificate Exam

  • $2150 + GST

Exams & Other Information

Live Virtual Training – Participants of the Agile business analyst certification will sit the exam online during the course. The exams are invigilated live by the ALC trainer via the Zoom session. The online exam is hosted by the examination institute APMG and accessed via a web browser. 

**Should the participant be unable to sit the exam on the day of the course, an online exam voucher can be provided. The online exam voucher is provided at the end of the course and participants are required to sit their exam via the proctoru system. For more exam voucher information, click here. 

Face-to-Face Training – Participants will be provided with a paper-based exam which is completed whilst at the course in the same venue of the course itself.

Foundation Exam

  • Multiple Choice
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed-book

Practitioner Exam

  • Complex multiple choice
  • 4 questions per paper with 20 marks available per questions
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 2.5 hour duration
  • Open-book (AgileBA Handbook only)