New Look, Same Great Training

2023 Launches the New look for ALC Training

New Logo, New Website, New Styling - But still the same excellence in training and customer service you know the ALC brand to be!

We have worked hard to build for our customers a better web experience for our website users -making it easier to find the information you are looking for.

We have also undergone a brand styling re-fresh so as to highlight our core values as Australia's Leading Accredited Training Provider since 1994, with a focus on our participants learning experience, providing the best customer experience - not just in course but also pre and post course, so that we can help take your career to the next level.

Our New Logo

The most notable change is to our logo and colour scheme:

Our Old Logo:
ALC Training Old Logo



vs our New Logo:

ALC Training Logo


New Web Style

With our branding re-fresh, we have opted for a more subtle colour palette of white, orange and grey for a more clean and fresh look:


Old website styling:


vs. New website styling:

New Website Style | ALC Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you the same company?

A: Yes and No - we are still the same company and team, however we have recently been acquired by Tesserent Academy and operate as a division thereof.

Q: How does the acquisition by Tesserent affect ALC?

A: By joining Tesserent, ALC will have access to a much greater range of resources which will lead to many new opportunities and significantly increased growth potential. The focus will be on portfolio expansion, the development of new skills-based programs, and the creation of new certifications relevant to our region.

Q: Are you still proving excellent customer service?

A: Absolutely! Our team are the same team you are used to with ALC with a passion to provide the best customer service and training experience.