In-House | Private Training

Anywhere, Anytime, Affordable! If you have teams to train – large or small – we offer many options to make your training as effective and affordable as possible.

In-house/Private – a GREAT way to train

If you have a group of people who can all be spared at the same time then in-house training is a GREAT way to go:

\ Very cost-effective solution. Usually works best for groups of six or more, some courses as few as four
\ Can be held anywhere in the world! Your premises or external.
\ Delivered “as is” or customised to suit your specific needs.
\ Sensitive issues can be openly discussed.
\ Choose a timing that suits you – normal business hours, weekends, residential.

We make training convenient

Not only is our service convenient, it’s cost-effective too. Even for small groups of as few as four people, having in-house training can be more affordable than you might think.

The benefits don’t just stop at the cost. We work to minimise disruptions to your staff, so they’ll still be able to get the most important things done each day in the office, rather than having their work pile up while they’re out training.

And you won’t need to pay for function room or training facility space, which will save you money in the long run.

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Volume training for business and government

Training large groups of people can be expensive and time consuming, but we make it easy to put your people through our world-class programs.

With customised pricing to suit any group size and budget, as well as assistance with attendance and completion tracking to manage your staff, we’ll make group training a breeze.

We can even train your team at a time that suits them

Sometimes you just can’t stop a full team from working all at once to attend training. So we use a voucher scheme, allowing your team members to attend training on a staggered basis and minimising the impact on your business.

These are available at the same great corporate rates as a normal training class, so you can get the results you need without any financial penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Private/Inhouse Training cost effective?

A: Yes! This can be a highly cost-effective training options for your team (lower per-person cost)

Q: When can Private/Inhouse Training be held?

A: ALC can offer a Private/Inhouse course anywhere in the world - either face-to-face or virtually.

Q: What if we don't have a training room?

A: We can deliver training at your location (or at an external site) for convenience. We can even source an external venue for you if you need!

Q: Can the course we tailored to our business?

A: ALC can offer standard courses or customised to suit your particular needs (i.e. business specific case studies)

Q: What time does the course run?

A: ALC offer flexible times where applicible – we can even accommodate after-hours or weekends to meet the needs of your organisation.