Project Management

PRINCE2® 7th Edition – Foundation & Practitioner

PRINCE2® provides a proven best practice model that ensures project delivery is on time, on budget and of high quality.

  • Duration 5 Days
  • Fee - Virtual Instructor-Led $3,160 + GST
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  • Fee - Face-to-face Training $3,660 + GST
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Upcoming Course Dates

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Canberra, Face-to-Face 17 - 21 June 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Virtual Instructor-led Training | AEST 22 - 26 July 2024 08:30 am - 04:00 pm
Brisbane, Face-to-Face 22 - 26 July 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sydney, Face-to-Face 22 - 26 July 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Melbourne, Face-to-Face 29 July - 2 August 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Canberra, Face-to-Face 12 - 16 August 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Perth, Face-to-Face 19 - 23 August 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Sydney, Face-to-Face 19 - 23 August 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm


Prince2 Accredited Training Organisation

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner

PRINCE2® 7th Edition 
Project Management global best practice made better!

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PRINCE2® is a preferred project management methodology of both business and government around the world. It provides a proven best practice model that ensures project delivery is on time, on budget and of high quality.

This course provides a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the PRINCE2 methodology and prepares participants for the Foundation and/or Practitioner exams.


What You Get with ALC:


  • HARD COPY + E-COPY: Official PRINCE2 Textbook ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’ 
  • HARD COPY + E-COPY: Comprehensive Course Workbook, quality colour printed
  • Practice Examinations
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate Exam
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Certificate Exam 
  • Unparalleled Post Course Support


PRINCE2 Course Structure

The 5-day PRINCE2 program comprises a 3-day Foundation Module followed by the 2-day Practitioner Module, which can be taken together or separately. Through practice exams, workshops and overnight study, you gain the knowledge and skills required to give you the best chance for success at both the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

What PRINCE2 Certification Course Should I Choose?

The full 5-day PRINCE2 Practitioner Training & Certification is designed for current or aspiring project management professionals who need to fully master this leading PM method and at the same time obtain a globally-recognised certification. This program is also ideal for anyone intending to become a PRINCE2 Consultant or PRINCE2 Trainer.  The course provides a very comprehensive coverage of PRINCE2 including the PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE, PRACTICES & PROCESSES topics as well as full preparation for the Foundation and Practitioner Certificate exams.

The PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate Course taken on its own is designed for those who are not necessarily aspiring for professional level knowledge but who nevertheless require a sufficient understanding of this project management methodology – such as people working in projects, people initiating projects, business representatives, team leaders, those with an interest in project management or who are considering moving into that field.

If you take the Foundation module on its own you may at a later date take the Practitioner module and complete the full program.

Virtual Instructor-led PRINCE2 Training Course

We are offering PRINCE2 courses online available as Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT). You get the same world-class trainer and the same excellent training that you would normally get from ALC. It is fully live in real time and interactive. The only difference is that the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course is conducted online.

Virtual Instructor-led Training has been around for quite a while and is a well-proven delivery method. Just about all our training since 2020 has been on this platform and has been extremely well received. Get PRINCE2® Training Live, Instructor Led, virtually run online from your home, office or wherever you have a computer and a good internet connection!

Our Trainers Make the Difference

  • Leigh Harris

    Leigh is a recognised professional in the development and delivery of project, programme, and enterprise architecture training. He has held roles as a training manager and facilitator within leading consultancies and multi-national training organisations.

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  • Michelle Zgalin

    Michelle's career has centred around project delivery, business analysis, facilitation and consulting having spent over 20 years in the IT industry working in Australia as well as in the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

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  • Sue Taylor

    Sue Taylor is an experienced portfolio, program, project and change management consultant, trainer and practitioner with experience across private and public sectors, including state and federal government agencies and financial organisations.

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  • Darilyn Evans

    Darilyn has over 20 year’s successful experience in project environments in both the public and private sectors.

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Learning Outcomes

The PRINCE2 Foundation module ensures that participants acquire the skills and knowledge to be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 method within a project environment supporting PRINCE2.  

The PRINCE2 Practitioner module is designed to provide the in-depth knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure you are able to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand all aspects of the PRINCE2 methodology
  • Learn how to deliver projects on time, within budget and to defined quality requirements
  • Integrate the PRINCE2 Principles and Practices into a project
  • Establish a project organisation and consider how to lead successful change taking into account change management, stakeholders and culture
  • Apply planning processes that ensure alignment with project, business case and quality requirements
  • Manage the progress of a project using the appropriate control mechanisms of PRINCE2
  • Prepare participants to pass the Foundation and Practitioner Certificate exams

Who Should Attend

PRINCE2 7 has been developed to be accessible to anyone, who needs critical project management skills, to deliver successfully in any role. PRINCE2 7 is for you, if you are:

  • A professional working in an organisation as Project Manager, using a specific Project Management method (certified or uncertified) e.g. Project Manager, Programme Manager, Portfolio Manager, Head of PMO, Change Manager, Head of Operations, PMO Support, PMO Analyst
  • A professional who works in an organisation needing project management skills in your everyday work life e.g. HR/Payroll Manager, Engineer, Architect, Service Designer, Software Developer, Marketing Executive, Finance admin, Product Manager


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Course Contents

Module 1: PRINCE2 Foundation (3 days)

This module provides a comprehensive coverage of the key principles and terminology of the PRINCE2 method.

1. Introduction to PRINCE2

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • The project context
  • Features and benefits of PRINCE2
  • Benefits of Version 7

2. Principles

  • Ensure continued business justification
  • Learn from experience
  • Define roles, responsibilities and relationships
  • Manage by stages
  • Manage by exception
  • Focus on products
  • Tailor to suit the project

3.  People

  • Context
  • Leading successful change
  • Leading successful teams
  • Communication
  • People are central to the method

4.  Practices

  • Business Case
  • Organising
  • Plans
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Issues
  • Progress

5.  Processes

  • Starting a project
  • Directing a project
  • Initiating a project
  • Controlling a stage
  • Managing Stage Boundaries
  • Managing Product Delivery
  • Closing a Project

Module 2: PRINCE2 Practitioner (2 days)

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Level Course is designed to provide the in-depth knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure you are able to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2. To this end, Participants need to exhibit the competence required for the Foundation qualification, and show that they can apply and tune PRINCE2 to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario.

The course will cover the following:

1. Revision of foundation certificate theory

  • Principles
  • People
  • Practices
  • Processes

2. Coaching on examination structure and process

3. Complete mock Practitioner exam questions

4. Effectively navigate the PRINCE2 7 Official Book

5. Tailor best practice in response to different project circumstances 

  • Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about examples. An essential and practical course for me professionally.

    Live Virtual Training | 2022


PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner

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Fees per person

PRINCE2®  Foundation & Practitioner – Course & Exams (5 days)

  • Live Virtual Training: $3160 + gst
  • Face-to-Face Training: $3660 + gst

PRINCE2®  Foundation – Course & Exam (3 days)

  • Live Virtual Training: $2280 + gst
  • Face-to-Face Training: $2580 + gst

PRINCE2®  Practitioner – Course & Exam (2 days)

  • Live Virtual Training: $1980 + gst
  • Face-to-Face Training: $2180 + gst


Exams and Other Information

NOTE: you will be expected to do some evening study during the course

Foundation & Practitioner Exams

Live Virtual Training:
Participants will be provided with an online exam voucher to sit the exams at a time and date of their choosing within 3 months of the course. The web-proctored exams are available 24/7 and run by the examination institute PeopleCert. 

Face-to-Face Training:
Participants will be provided with a paper-based exam to sit in class during the course. Foundation exam is sat on Day 3 and the Practitioner exam is sat on day 5. 

The Foundation Certificate exam format is:

  • 60 minutes duration
  • Multiple choice
  • 60 questions per paper
  • Pass mark 60% (or 36 out of 60)
  • Closed-book

The Practitioner Certificate exam format is:

  • Open book (official PRINCE2 manual only)
  • 2.5 hours
  • 70 multiple choice questions
  • Pass mark 60% (or 42 out of 68)

Note – Re-certification is required 3 years after original certification


The Foundation Certificate is a mandatory pre-requisite to undertake the Practitioners exam.

What is PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is a structured project management methodology developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), UK and now owned and administered by Axelos Limited, originally a joint venture between the Capita Group and the UK Government.

PRINCE2 is a proven methodology with recognised professional certification. It offers a clearly defined technique to manage a project from start to finish. It is a process-based approach for project management, providing an easily tailored and scaleable method for the management of all types of projects.

PRINCE2 was developed as a non-proprietary ‘best practice’ project management methodology and with growing popularity, is evolving into an international de facto standard. The method describes how a project is divided into manageable stages enabling efficient control of resources, regular progress monitoring and decision points throughout the project. The various roles and responsibilities for managing a project are fully described and are adaptable to suit the size and complexity of the project, and the skills of the organisation.

A PRINCE2 project is driven by the project’s business case which describes the organisation’s justification, commitment and rationale for the deliverables or outcomes. The business case is regularly reviewed during the project to ensure the business objectives, which often change during the lifecycle of the project, are still being met.

Using a standard ‘best practice’ approach, PRINCE2 ensures that a quality solution can be delivered and enables projects to have:

  • A controlled and organised start, middle and end
  • Regular reviews of progress against plan and against the Business Case
  • Flexible decision points
  • Automatic management control of any deviations from the plan
  • The involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time and place during the project
  • Good communication channels between the project, project management, and the rest of the organisation

Why Use a Project Management Method?

Project failures are all too common – some make the headlines, the vast majority are either forgotten or are swept under the carpet. Either way, there is always a cost. Sometimes this cost is critical. In many if not most cases it could have been readily avoided.

Projects underperform when those who commission it, those who manage it and those who work on it have different ideas about how things should be organised and when the different aspects of the project should be completed. A project management method is a way of ensuring that all key players are operating with the same rules and guidelines. Without a project management method, projects will rarely be completed on time and within acceptable cost – this is especially true of large projects. A good project management method will guide the project through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results.

There are many project management methods available. Ultimately all are based on common sense and sound management procedures.

PRINCE2 is one of the most widely adopted project management methods in the world today.

Choosing the right course

PRINCE2 vs AgilePM - which is the right method for you and or your organisation