PRINCE2 – FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

PRINCE2 – FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions


What is PRINCE2 Project Management?

PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is an internationally recognised project management methodology that provides a structured approach to managing projects. It offers a set of best practices, principles, processes, and themes that guide project managers and teams through the various stages of a project’s lifecycle.

Who can do a PRINCE2 certification?

The full 5-day PRINCE2 Practitioner Certificate Course is designed for current or aspiring project management professionals who need to fully master this leading PM method and at the same time obtain a globally-recognised certification.

Can I do a PRINCE2 Course without experience?

Yes – There are no pre-requisites to attend the course, however, to complete the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam – you must have 1st completed the Foundation exam successfully.

How to do a PRINCE2 certification?

ALC is one of Australia’s leading providers of PRINCE2 Training, since 1999. We offer both Live Virtual Training and Face-to-Face courses and we can certainly assist you in obtaining a PRINCE2 certification. All you need to do is book a course date suitable for yourself and we provide you with a first-class training course to help you successfully gain the PRINCE2 certification. 

Go here to see upcoming PRINCE2 training course dates to best prepare for the PRINCE2 certification exam.

How much does a PRINCE2 course cost? 

ALC offers a combined Foundation & Practitioner course at a combo price. We also offer Foundation & Practitioner levels separately. To view current pricing click here:


How long does a PRINCE2 course take?

The full course can be completed in 5 full days. However you can choose to split the course and attend across 2 separate dates with time in-between if you wish. 

How to pass PRINCE2 Foundation?

The best way to ensure you pass the PRINCE2 Foundation course is to attend a PRINCE2 Foundation training course with an accredited provider. ALC is a leading accredited provider of PRINCE2 Training, delivering PRINCE2 training since 1999. Our longevity in the field is testament to the quality of our training and we provide everything you need to be able to successfully implement the knowledge you acquire on the course as well as pass the exam. 

ALC’s 3-Day PRINCE2 Foundation training course is designed to best prepare students to successfully sit and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. 

How much does a PRINCE2 exam cost?

With ALC’s training courses the exams are bundled within the cost of the course – we offer a fully inclusive package. Should a participant not be successful in their exams on the first attempt we can arrange at cost price a re-sit. Pricing is subject to change so it is best to contact us when/if required. 

Where is PRINCE2 used?

PRINCE2 is an internationally recognised certification used worldwide. It is highly utilised in Australian government for example. The value of this global methodology is just that – you can take this credential anywhere in the world. 

Which industries use PRINCE2? 

The PRINCE2 certification is a widely recognised project management methodology that can be applied to various industries. While it is not limited to specific sectors, there are several industries where PRINCE2 is commonly used. Some of these industries include:

It’s important to note that while PRINCE2 is applicable to various industries, its principles and methodologies can be adapted and tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of individual organizations and projects.

Go here to see upcoming PRINCE2 training course dates.

Which PRINCE2 course should I do?

The PRINCE2 certification offers different levels of courses depending on your current knowledge and desired level of expertise. Here are the main PRINCE2 courses you can consider:

When deciding which PRINCE2 course to take, consider your current level of project management knowledge, your career goals, and the specific requirements of the industry or organisation you work in. If you are new to PRINCE2, starting with the Foundation course is recommended, while those with existing project management experience may opt for the Practitioner level. 

Who should do a PRINCE2 course?

A PRINCE2 course is beneficial for various individuals involved in project management or those seeking to enhance their project management skills. Here are some roles and professionals who can benefit from a PRINCE2 course:


Who Issues the PRINCE2 certification?

The PRINCE2 certification is issued by AXELOS/PeopleCert.

As the official accreditation body, they set the standards and syllabi for PRINCE2 certifications, approve training organisations to deliver PRINCE2 courses, and oversees the examination and certification processes. This ensures that individuals who successfully complete PRINCE2 training and pass the required exams receive the official PRINCE2 certification.

It’s important to note that whilst AXELOS/PeopleCert is the issuing body for PRINCE2 certifications, training courses and exams are delivered by authorised accredited training organisations (ATOs). These ATOs must meet certain criteria and adhere to specific quality standards to ensure the delivery of high-quality PRINCE2 training. ALC is one of the leading fully accredited training providers of PRINCE2 in Australia. 

Go here to see upcoming PRINCE2 training course dates.

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