A breakdown of COBIT 5 courses

IT is rapidly changing businesses around the world, enabling greater marketplace flexibility, agility and performance. In addition, it's also helping to drive operational costs down. Of course, with the push for IT comes risk, and the need for training.

IT governance is defined as a set of processes that enable a business to reach goals through effective and efficient use of IT. As a subset of corporate governance, it also deals with performance and risk management. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) is a framework that can ensure staff are given the best possible information when looking to achieve IT governance.

It's now essential that businesses and IT professional invest in proper training in frameworks such as COBIT. Here are several COBIT 5 courses which ALC Training offers, that you should consider undertaking to place yourself and your organisation in the best position.

Foundation courses

The first option is a three day course that's essential for staff new to COBIT 5 and IT governance in general, as it provides an overview of the framework and the components. For staff who are already familiar with the principles and frameworks, a two day course is available that spends less time on case studies and examples.

These initial courses serve as the jumping off point for training, before staff head onto more complex initiatives.


Following the initial foundation course, it's time to move onto an implementation program. By undertaking the next stage, staff are able to gain a practical appreciation of COBIT 5, and how it can be applied to various trigger events, risk scenarios and problems within a business.

The key focus of implementation training is on how to apply COBIT 5 to an enterprise in different implementation scenarios. As businesses are constantly changing, having the adaptable framework on hand is essential.

Risk management

IT risk can occasionally be mislabeled as purely an information security concern, when it fact it actually impacts the entire organisation across all activities. It's easy to see why, as IT risk is essentially just any risk related to information technology, which is often in use throughout the business.

By understanding IT risk, and being able to manage the issue better, businesses are able to see improved performance. The COBIT 5 for Risk program is designed for risk professionals, as well as other interested parties within the enterprise.


This course is designed for a more broad business audience, encompassing assurance professionals at both management and governance layers. Boards and audit committees are also included here, along with business and IT management stakeholders.

Further practical guidance is also provided here on planning, executing and following up on assurance reviews, through use of a road map. This map is designed based on accepted assurance approaches.

Strategic Overview

This final program is designed for a more senior audience, beyond the programs listed above. Commonly, board level, C-suite and other IT and non-IT staff are included here. This program is designed to provide a more broad strategic understanding as to how COBIT 5 covers businesses, and can enable effective management and government of enterprise IT.

Due to the scheduling requirements of higher levels of staff, the presentation time is customisable to suit.

Contact ALC Training today if you'd like more information COBIT 5 training, to put your staff in the best position moving forward over the next few years. The advantages of this training mean IT departments are more capable and ready to adapt to change.