A breakdown of the key ITIL capabilities

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework can be extremely useful for organisations, especially when utilised by capable staff.

Before deciding to partake in the various certification courses, however, it's necessary to develop an understanding of where ITIL can be effectively utilised.

Four key capabilities of the ITIL process have been detailed and explained below.

Manage business service risk

Business risk for services can be easily managed with ITIL availability management, as well as capacity and service continuity management.

These processes can identify, prioritise and manage service improvement opportunities.

Obtain value from service providers

For any company, it can often be difficult to ensure value is obtained from service providers. The ITIL supplier management process can be used to measure and manage supplier performance throughout a project, and ensure contracts with suppliers are optimised, primarily to support customer agreements.

Benchmark services

Maximising return on investment can often be extremely difficult for businesses to handle, if services haven't been used prior. ITIL service portfolio management processes can map customer requirements against any investments that have been used to deliver services to customers.

This benchmarking service can also help to ensure services are delivered at the correct cost and the proper level of quality.

Ensure service quality

Customers can often be one of the most difficult areas for a business to manage, especially when it comes to meeting their needs and expectations. The service management processes integrated into ITIL mean service targets can be set up, monitored and reported on correctly.

In addition, using ITIL can help to ensure you are identifying any corrective action opportunities.

An ALC Training course could be the best approach for many IT professionals and organisations, given the straightforward progression from Foundation for Service Management through to Masters Accreditation.

These course are presented by a number of experienced ITIL practitioners who are experts in both the subject matter and training.