Advanced Incident Handling: Course Overview

This 5-day course, designed for computer security incident response team (CSIRT) technical personnel with several months of incident handling experience, addresses techniques for detecting and responding to current and emerging computer security threats and attacks that are targeted at a variety of operating systems and architectures.

Building on the methods and tools discussed in the Fundamentals of Incident Handling course, this course provides guidance that incident handlers can use in responding to system compromises at the privileged (root or administrator) level. Through interactive instruction, facilitated discussions, and group exercises, instructors help participants identify and analyse a set of events and then propose appropriate response strategies.

Participants work as a team throughout the week to handle a series of escalating incidents that are presented as part of an ongoing scenario. Work includes team analysis of information and presentation of findings and response strategies. Participants also review broader aspects of CSIRT work such as computer forensics, artefact analysis; vulnerability handling; and the development of advisories, alerts, and management briefings.

This course is part of the curriculum for the CERT-Certified Incident Handler program. Before registering for this course, participants are encouraged to attend the companion course, Fundamentals of Incident Handling.


World leading course

This course is presented in association with Axenic, a member of the SEI (Software Engineering Institute) Partner Network, Carnegie Mellon University. SEI is a recognised world leader and one of the most respected names in computer, software and security research, development and education. Other courses in this series are:

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