Are your wireless networks at risk?

As the speed and reliability of wireless technology has increased, so too has business reliance on virtual networks and wireless connection tools. 

Today, many organisations are specifically investing in smart devices for their workforce, so that employees can remain connected and collaborative at all times while on the job. 

However, while wireless networks can offer a number of benefits in terms of improved mobility, greater productivity and streamlined collaboration, they can also create new cybersecurity risks. 

Modern cybercriminals are more advanced and sophisticated than ever before, and often look to target inadequately secured wireless networks when attempting to access confidential data. 

Wireless networks without the proper level of access protection can also leave your business open to internal threats, such as employees who may utilise the network in an insecure way. 

With such a wide variety of wireless network threats out there – from spyware to DDoS attacks, viruses, worms and trojans – it can be difficult for those without proper security education to achieve comprehensive network security. 

Fortunately, there are IT security training courses available that are specifically designed to provide information and advice about securing wireless networks in order to minimise the chance of a breach. 

A wireless network security in-house presentation could be the perfect option for you business, as it will ensure all relevant network users understand the variety of threats present when using a wireless network. 

Such a presentation encompasses a wide variety of wireless and mobile network options, including WPANs, WLANs and Bluetooth, and can be catered to the unique needs and requirements of your organisation. 

Due to the in-depth, practical nature of this course, participants will have full confidence in their ability to access and utilise networks in a safe and productive manner. And because they will have access to a trained and experienced tutor, any questions or concerns they may have will be answered on the spot.