Benefits Modelling and Analysis for Business Analysts.: Course Contents

Benefits modelling and analysis is an iterative process that needs to be tailored to the context, the information available and the stakeholders to be engaged. Planning and organising the end-to-end process and preparing each workshop are an important part of the process itself.

In addition to producing a benefits model, this process also produces a benefit register and a risk register, which are used in the subsequent practices of benefits management.


Learning to do it… the benefits modelling and analysis workshop

The benefits modelling and analysis workshop is a hands-on event in which analysts learn to carry out benefits modelling and analysis.

The benefits modelling and analysis workshop is…

The benefits modelling and analysis workshop is not…

The key outcome consists of business analysts understanding the concepts of benefits management, benefits modelling and benefits analysis and then learning to plan and apply the process and relevant techniques in order to perform benefits modelling and analysis

Delegates are presented with a step-by-step approach towards organising and running facilitated benefits modelling workshops, using different modelling and analysis techniques and performing qualitative and quantitative analysis

The workshop includes several practical exercises that are based on a case study and data provided about the case study

Material provided: