Empowering Women in Cybersecurity

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values that drive the mission of ALC Training. Last November, in collaboration with the Australia Women Security Network (AWSN), we took a significant step towards promoting gender diversity in cybersecurity. Through our partnership, we provided four scholarship positions in our Melbourne and Sydney SABSA® Foundation course, valued at $21,800. This initiative aimed to address the underrepresentation of women in security architecture, as highlighted in a joint research study conducted by AWSN and RMIT University. The study revealed that Security Architects are the least represented cybersecurity professionals among women, with less than 2% in the field. This alarming statistic propelled us to take action and empower women with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in cybersecurity.

About the SABSA Foundation Course

The SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) framework serves as a cornerstone in the field of cybersecurity, offering a comprehensive methodology for developing risk-driven enterprise information security architectures. Our SABSA Foundation course provides participants with a deep understanding of the framework, equipping them to implement it effectively in their professional roles. Through a blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications, students gain valuable insights into security architecture principles, governance frameworks, and risk management strategies.


Empowering Women in Cybersecurity:

By offering scholarship positions in our SABSA Foundation course to AWSN members, we aimed to break down barriers and provide opportunities for women to excel in cybersecurity, and more specifically in the security architecture field. This initiative not only enhances the skills and expertise of participants but also contributes to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce within the industry. The success stories emerging from this program further underscore its impact. Just this week, one of the scholarship recipients informed us that she had secured a job as a Security Architect, directly attributable to her SABSA certification. This tangible outcome exemplifies the transformative power of education and highlights the importance of initiatives aimed at bridging the gender gap in cybersecurity.

From an AWSN course attendee:

“While I’ve worked in technology most of my working life, the last 9 years in Security and Service Management has been the most fun. I’ve just started work as a Cyber Security Architect with St John of God. Prior to that I would manage Technology problem investigations, Cyber Security Incidents, Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing with NAB. In a past life I had the opportunity to travel around the world as an IT Auditor with Marsh and McLennan, my work with IBM set me up for that role. Often its being in the right place at the right time that generates such opportunities, however, equally important, and my personal views are the following factors.

\ Find your mentors and cheerleading squad.
Find people who will advocate for you, find the people who will share their experience , connect you with more experienced people in the industry. Join groups like AISA, AWSN and WiCyS. Be patient but determined. It will pay off, I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from AWSN supported by Tesserent Academy / ALC Training to do my SABSA.                                  

\ Do the hard tasks no one else wants to do
Look to change roles every 2 years or so, once you can do your role with your eyes closed, move on, extend yourself. Feel underutilised? Move on. See restructuring as an opportunity to try something else. Put your hands up and say I’ll do it and figure out how to do it later. Don’t worry about moving up, move laterally.

\ Learn, be curious and extend yourself just a little bit more every day.
Cyber Security is a complex field, not everyone one can be an SME at everything, but read and study widely, read weekly newsletters, sign up and watch online talks, attend conferences, determine which area of Cyber Security bests suit your skills and temperament; IAM, Governance, SOC, App Sec, Sec Engineering, Incident Management, Cloud Security, etc and make your way there in small steps. 

Most important enjoy what you do and have fun along the way!”

Beverly Almeida | ALC/AWSN SABSA Scholarship Recipient 2023.


The Impact of the Scholarship Program:

The impact of our scholarship program extends far beyond individual success stories. By investing in the professional development of women in cybersecurity, we are fostering a culture of diversity, equality, and innovation within the industry. Participants of the program not only gain valuable knowledge and skills but also become advocates for gender diversity in their organisations and communities. As we celebrate these achievements, we are inspired to redouble our efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity.



“Joining the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) is an invaluable investment for any woman aspiring to enter or thrive in the cybersecurity space. The benefits of being a member far exceed the membership cost. I can personally attest to the incredible value provided by this association, having received two top-notch courses for being a member. Beyond the tangible benefits, this association offers a supportive community and tailored programs aimed at empowering women to excel in the cybersecurity field. I have participated in their leadership programs, became a SABSA certified security professional and I am soon to take the CISM exam after participating in training sponsored by AWSN and its sponsors. I have also identified an amazing mentor, via AWSN’s mentoring program.

AWSN is a network of like-minded and supportive professionals dedicated to nurture women success. Join the Women in Cybersecurity Association today and take your career to new heights.”

Fabiola Martinez Maya | ALC/AWSN SABSA Scholarship Recipient 2023.


Looking Ahead:

As we reflect on the success of our partnership with AWSN and the impact of our scholarship program, we are committed to continuing our efforts to empower women in cybersecurity. We remain dedicated to providing opportunities for underrepresented groups, supporting initiatives that aim to bridge the gender gap, and championing diversity in all its forms. Together, we can create a cybersecurity workforce that is stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive than ever before.

At ALC Training, we are proud to be catalysts for change in the cybersecurity industry. Our partnership with AWSN and the provision of scholarship positions in our SABSA Foundation course exemplify our unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and excellence. As we celebrate the achievements of our scholarship recipients and the impact of our program, we reaffirm our dedication to building a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity community for generations to come.