PRESS RELEASE: ALC Training, Australia’s 1st ISACA Elite Plus Partner

Elevating Professional Development: ALC Training Accredited as ISACA Elite Plus Partner

At ALC Training, we are proud to announce our recent accreditation as the first ISACA Elite Plus Partner (Accredited Training Organisation) in Australia/APAC. This prestigious recognition highlights our dedication to delivering high-quality training experiences and ensuring superior outcomes for our course participants.

ISACA Elite Plus accreditation logo
With this accreditation, ALC Training offers preparation for a comprehensive range of globally recognised ISACA credentials. These include:

This accreditation signifies our commitment to providing industry-leading training services and ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education. We are dedicated to empowering professionals on their journey towards success and excellence.

Join us at ALC Training and take the next step towards achieving your career goals. Explore our accredited training programs today.