ISACA’s 2023 Digital Trust Report is Out

How to act on ISACA’s 2023 Digital Trust Trend Report

ISACA has just released the 2023 State of Digital Trust report – this report can help organisations see where they stand when it comes to creating a better digital world for all. The study of 8,100+ digital trust professionals examined trends, with a standout finding that:

Lack of skills and training is the top obstacle to achieving digital trust (52%).

Help bridge the skills and training gap with ALC Training – Australia’s largest range of cyber security best practice certification courses.

ALC Training is ISACA’s leading provider of certification courses in the Asia-Pacific region. As such, together with ISACA we’re trying to build a better, safer digital world, by helping empower IT professionals with the knowledge, training and expertise to help build that world by advancing digital trust.

The cybersecurity skills gap continues to be a pressing concern for organisations worldwide. With the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals surpassing the available talent pool, certifications play a pivotal role in bridging this gap. Certifications provide a standardised framework for assessing a candidate’s skills and ensure that professionals possess the necessary competencies to protect sensitive information effectively. By investing in certifications, organisations can equip their employees with the skills required to combat cyber threats head-on, reducing the vulnerability of their digital infrastructure.


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