Build Your IT Strategy in half a day: Course Overview

ALC Workshop Series:

“Build Your IT Strategy in half a day”

Presented by David LLewellyn Jones

Perth – Monday 27 October 2014

TIME: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Workshop Content

How do you determine the best IT Strategy for your organisation – a strategy that balances the need to deliver benefits and yet optimises risks within your resource capabilities? In just half a day, this practical workshop will outline and explain the tools you need. For those involved with formalising and delivering the IT Strategy in a shifting environment of different stakeholder’s needs, the workshop will help you understand all the factors that determine the direction to take and decisions to make.

Part I: Who are the internal and external stakeholders?
Part II: What are the investment priorities?
Workshop Exercises
You will need:

In advance of the half-day session, you will need to have considered the top 3 concerns or questions from your own organisation regarding the future use of IT services. For example:


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