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(David Llewellyn Jones)
DLJ has established himself as one of the most highly regarded authorities in the Asia-Pacific region in the areas of IT Governance (COBIT 5) and IT Service Management. He was the first to be accredited to train in COBIT 5 Assessor and the first for COBIT 5 Implementation. 
DLJ brings to bear his own idiosyncratic blend of a visionary approach tempered by pragmatism and extensive personal experience in the pursuit of his professional mission which is to help individuals and organisations to understand the benefits of Service Management and Governance.
He has more than 20 years experience in IT, with particular emphasis on the implementation of IT Service Management best practice and IT Governance.  He has learnt best practice the hard way (from the bottom up) covering both the private and public sectors designing and delivering customer-focused IT Services to clients of significant sized organisations.
DLJ has held a variety of senior management roles in companies in Europe, always with a keen focus on Service Management and Governance. Sector experience includes engineering, central government, oil and gas, outsourcing, finance, telecommunications, logistics manufacturing and education.With extensive track record success demonstrated both in strategy development and managing customer focused IT Services functions, DLJ’s expertise centres around achieving real business benefits by applying effective IT management practices, organisational improvement and the pragmatic application of technologies resulting in improvements in customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, cost savings and compliance to international standards.