Business funding at risk from cyberattacks

For many Australian businesses, IT security is way down on the agenda. However, with increased cyberattacks on Australian commercial entities, investing in information security training could be the solution. 

How are cyberattacks affecting the commercial landscape?

According to figures released by KPMG, investors are walking away from businesses if they believe their information networks have been breached. The survey pointed out that 79 per cent of respondents would be deterred from investing if the business had been hacked.

The survey pointed out that 79 per cent of respondents would be deterred from investing if the business had been hacked.

Interestingly, on the flip side, investors are flooding the cybersecurity market. Malcolm Marshall, global leader of KPMG's cybersecurity practice, said the survey showed that 86 per cent of investors see cyberbusiness as an area of growth.

"Following a number of high-profile breaches, we are seeing global investors waking up to the issue of cybersecurity," said Mr Marshall.

Unfortunately, the survey also showed that 39 per cent of management personnel lacked the required knowledge to safeguard their business from cyberattacks. Yet, 86 per cent of investors would allow an increased amount of time spent on cyber-related business. 

This is good news for participants of information security training courses, as it would seem IT security opportunities may be on the rise. 

What can be done to improve cyber resilience?

There is a range of ways you can protect your business.

According to the Australian government, there are a series of actions you can take to mitigate the effects of a cyberbreach.

Limiting the types of personal information you upload online is a great place to start, while installing and keeping security software up to date is also an action that can have salient outcomes.

Education, such as IT security training, also offers excellent personal job prospects and positive cybersecurity-related outcomes.

Could IT security training help protect your business?Could IT security training help protect your business?

What types of IT security training are offered?

IT security training is in growing demand, and as such there is a variety of courses available. 

One example is the Foundation Certificate in Information Security (FCIS) currently offered by ALC Training.

The courses provides the ideal platform for anyone looking to: 

This information security training uses international standards and industry best practice to introduce essential concepts and the top four disciplines of information security. 

Key outcomes include:

If your are interested in information security training courses, get in touch with ALC Training today to find out how it can improve your job prospects.