What are the Benefits of using the Scaled Agile Framework?

The Scaled Agile Framework, known as SAFe for Lean Enterprises, is a large knowledge base of proven, principles, practices and competencies, that integrates cultural change practices for Lean, Agile and DevOps. The diagram below, shows the latest full version (v4.6) of the framework:

By proven, I mean that all the work contained within the framework, has been demonstrated to bring success to all types of businesses.  The success is clearly measured by the number and breadth of case studies that are available on their website.  These case studies, have been written by SAFe clients, in their own words, showing the true power of the successes they have achieved. 

Let’s step through 3 specific examples below:

Australia Post


The following information is taken from the SAFe case study and outlines the case for action, or as we say in SAFe, the burning platform….

“Australia Post has invested in its technology, people, and culture to change the way it works to focus on customer experiences and continuous innovation. To help achieve this change, Australia Post selected and adopted the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) not only as an operating model but as a tool for change. With SAFe, the organization aims to describe, communicate, and build an understanding of how to leverage Lean and Agile principles across the organization.”

Key Benefits:


Upon launching a new online banking platform back in 2015, there was a real need to deliver additional features at breakneck speed.  Even though the launch was highly successful, winning at least one aware, the organisation needed to embrace some form of cultural change to accelerate feature delivery.  After looking at a number of cultural change methods, they decided that SAFe would be the best method.  Particularly as the methods and practices are proven and scalable, across small and large organisations.

Key Benefits:


Key Benefits:


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