CIOs need to prioritise digital business technologies

Digital business technologies are changing how organisations operate within the marketplace and will soon require CIOs to ensure the organisation has a clear position, new research has revealed.

This came as part of a study from analytical organisation Gartner, which identified emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technologies and even 3D printing as important considerations for modern businesses.

Gartner Fellow Hung LeHong explained that CIOs could hesitate to integrate digital business technologies into the wider IT responsibility infrastructure, due to their emergent and as-yet untested nature.

"Many companies are looking to digital business technologies as their next source of competitive advantage. There is too much at stake – in both business value and technology investment – for CIOs to stay in the margins," Mr LeHong said.

"[We believe CIOs] should participate in innovating and in testing the business cases for these technologies in the early stages."

Digital businesses will need to focus on several areas, but there are two which require immediate consideration.


Digital business technologies can already be found in use throughout many business operations, but security is still lacking. The success of digital business technologies hinges on successful cybersecurity implementation, and this will need to become a priority.

The Internet of Things

The IoT presents a number of business opportunities, including greater efficiency and reduced operating costs. CIOs will need to approach the trend cautiously, however, as any implementation is likely to impact existing technology bodies already in place.

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