When it comes to training, there are multiple things to consider; A  Which training provider? Which method of delivery?

ALC has been delivering training since 1994 and our experience and longevity in the market is true testament to the product we offer. You see, when it comes to training, there are multiple cost factors and considerations at stake. Obviously, there is the course fee. But there is a second and arguably more important “cost” – the Value of Your Time. So how do you get best value for your time and money? This is totally dependent on the quality of the course.

The Trainers Make the Difference

The very first thing to consider when choosing a Training Provider is – who will be delivering the course? When you’re investing your time and money you need to be sure that the person teaching the course is not only an excellent trainer, but that they have a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, as well as real world experience that they can draw upon in class. Real world examples and anecdotes, the ability to answer questions and provide real solutions to real problems using the methodologies being learnt/taught – this is what truly makes the difference!

You can see ALC’s trainers on our “Meet the Faculty” Page.

The Delivery Method

One of the most common questions we receive at ALC is the method of course delivery. People may learn via a number of different methods: instructor-led, workshops, online and role playing, to name the most   .

Did you know: Studies have shown that only 13% of students enrolled in an online training course actually complete it.(Novoed

 – At ALC our focus is on the delivery of face-to-face, instructor-led classroom-based courses. There are a number of strong reasons for this:

 – People complete classroom training with close to 100% reliability. This just doesn’t happen with other training methods to anywhere near the same degree.

 – Over the years we have worked with both CBT (Computer Based Training) and subsequently online training. We even started a separate company dedicated exclusively to online, thinking it was going to be the way of the future. But our consistent experience has been that the overwhelming majority of people learn better in a classroom environment. We are human and we like to interact with others. Studies show that the brain engages differently when you can ask questions in real time, or engage in active discussion, or participate in group sessions, or do breakout exercises. This leads to increased understanding, less fear of exams, and better pass rates.

 – Course delegates feel more valued if their employer sends them to a dedicated course, away from the stresses, distractions and competing priorities of the office. That is why the completion rate of online is so low.

 – Training after hours in your own time is a tough call for most people. It was hard enough when we were at school. Now, everybody has a busy work schedule, personal life or both. We once had a course delegate who had been self-studying for over 12 years!

 – Online learning is often only available during set windows of time after hours; not everyone can commit to after-hours learning at set times.

 – Certainly, there can be a price difference between various forms of training. That is a call that each person has to make. What we can say, without hesitation, is that the training you get at ALC represents first-class value. We only work with Tier 1 trainers who have proven themselves over many years.

Continual Service Improvement

At ALC we are committed to Continual Service Improvement. At every course our participants are invited to complete Feedback forms. Our Course Director personally reviews each of these forms and these form a key input to the CSI process. We also closely monitor exam results which gives us a high degree of confidence that our method of delivery is spot on.

The Care Factor

ALC has been delivering training since 1994. In that time we have seen many training providers come and go, but what makes ALC different is the “Care Factor” – we walk the extra mile. We want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to training, and we want to play our part in helping you and your organisation succeed in your goals.

ALC | “We Deliver”

Other things to consider…

DO NOT be fooled by organisations claiming to guarantee you a pass mark. The only way to do that is by having access to the actual exam, and that is simply unethical.

Don’t be fooled by last minute changes to the delivery method – this is not ok! If you book for a face-to-face course, then that is what you should get. Ensure you attend a face-to-face course < This is where you will receive the most value for your time and money.

You should be sceptical of very low prices.. if the course is much cheaper than others – you should query the quality of the trainer, materials etc.. A large portion of the course fee is based on the trainer’s rates. Industry experience and depth of knowledge comes at a fee.

Author: Peter Nikitser, ALC Director of Cyber Security

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