Cyber Security Foundation®: Course Overview

ALC’s 3-day “flagship” Cyber Security Foundation® is the ideal course for anyone who needs to get a good all-round understanding of Cyber Security today.  You don’t have to be an aspiring security professional to do this course, it is suitable for everyone.

The Cyber Security Foundation® course follows a robust syllabus that covers all the key areas. At the same time it provides maximum regional relevance by fully taking into account appropriate sections from the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

Starting a career in Cyber Security?

If you are wanting to start a career in Cyber Security, or if you have a more serious interest in the subject, then you should also take a look at our Cyber Security Practitioner course.  This course has two extra “practical” days in which you learn to apply the material learnt in the Foundation course via a case study along with workshops and exercises.