DevOps Mobilisation Workshop: Course Overview

This 1-day “mobilisation workshop” provides a comprehensive introduction to DevOps. It ensures a common understanding in your team and provides a path on getting started. It is all about accelerating your DevOps initiative and helping ensure that you can scale it to deliver sustainable value.

The DevOps Wave

Industry analysts are predicting a wave of DevOps adoption in the enterprise. Why? Because DevOps, unlike many other framework initiatives, is linked to measurable business improvement. DevOps initiatives are delivering amazing productivity, agility and service reliability improvements.

These benefits are not restricted to the “unicorns” of the industry – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix et al. Traditional Enterprises are getting these benefits already but it does take insight and preparation to prevent any false starts.

The DevOps Mobilisation Workshop is all about accelerating your DevOps initiative and ensuring that it scales to deliver sustainable value. This workshop is in two parts:

Part One: Defining the “Why & What” of DevOps to ensure a common understanding in your team
Part Two: Deciding “How” – Your business goals and how to get started

Part 1: The Why and What

We will look at the business drivers, and the various upstream frameworks including Lean Startup and Agile that drive the need for DevOps. We will then help define DevOps and place it in the context of Enterprise IT and the overall IT Operating Model.

Topics in the first half day include:

Part 2: How to get started on your initiative

The big question is “how”? The good news is that best practices are emerging from leading IT Enterprise shops that have already adapt due to business drivers and cultural receptiveness.

The mobilisation session (half day) will cover:

This workshop is available for in-house presentation only. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.