Digital Forensics Fundamentals: Course Overview

This 3-day Digital Forensics Fundamentals course is designed to provide a solid and practical coverage of the principles of identifying, preserving and analysing digital evidence, such as computers, mobile phones, and online sources.

The course is presented by Dr Bradley Schatz, one of Australia’s leading authorities on Digital Forensics. Dr Schatz is the Director of the independent digital forensics consultancy Schatz Forensic, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Since the completion of a PhD in Digital Forensics in 2007, his principal role has been as a practitioner of digital forensics in private practice, where he has served primarily legal clients in both civil and criminal matters. His evidence has been accepted as expert opinion in a range of courts within Australia. 
Bradley is regularly invited to present and deliver training internationally on the subject, and has remained an active researcher advancing the field. He has published 15 peer reviewed academic papers and two book chapters, all in the area of digital forensics.