Driving project improvement with PRINCE2

Project success is determined by the management practices being used to drive the development, regardless of whether the project is underway in a small business or a large government organisation.

Having strong management practices in place (or frameworks), means that from the outset, a project is controlled capably and is more likely to deliver tangible results to the business.

PRINCE2 – an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments – is a framework that's proven to be effective in the private sector and within governments. This is why it's currently utilised to great effect by the UK government.

But what defines PRINCE2 and how can it be used to drive better projects?

What defines PRINCE2?

Following publishing in 1996, after receiving contributions from around 150 European organisations, the framework saw wide implementation given the benefits it was able to offer to project improvement.

This framework can give businesses greater control over resources and more effective management of both business and project risk.

What's more, PRINCE2 is more than a framework for specialised staff and provides value to project managers, directors and executives, organisations and even individuals.

Driving better projects

As a project management framework, the benefits of PRINCE2 lie within its versatility. This is a framework that's suited to a number of projects across a range of companies.

Once participants have progressed through the courses and certifications, they'll have access to a strong suite of skills, including:

Another key element of the PRINCE2 framework is within the risk management capabilities, which can be vital to ensure projects never deviate off plan. On larger projects, when substantial time and financial commitments are at play, this capability can be especially useful.

What are the necessary courses?

Of course, once companies or individuals understand the need for a course, it's time to actually begin the appropriate training. There are several courses available for PRINCE2, each focusing on a different area for businesses.

It's important to note that not every course is needed for every individual, as they're tailored to meet different needs.

Below, each of these has been briefly detailed.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certificate: This is a five-day course designed for aspiring or current project management professionals who need to master the framework. It's also useful for those intending to become trainers or consultants.

PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate: Those who need a basic understanding of PRINCE2 will want to consider the Foundation Certificate. It's also useful when professional-level knowledge isn't needed.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Prep: Upgrading knowledge to the Practitioner level is easy with the Practitioner Prep course, and there is a larger focus on case studies and exercises to reinforce knowledge.

Directing a Project with PRINCE2: While the other courses can take place over several days, this course is available as a half or single day meeting. It's designed for critical stakeholders on the project.

Implementing PRINCE2: The exam and certification are only the first steps for PRINCE2, and this course shows how to embed it within the organisation successfully.


Getting started with PRINCE2 is easy, and it only requires taking part in the necessary frameworks available from leading providers like ALC Training/PDA. Starting with a capable course provider means those taking part receive up to date training that's proven to be effective.

Get in touch today if you'd like to find out more about the many advantages of taking part in a course designed to deliver results.