Excellent IT Leadership: Course Contents

Excellent IT Leadership


Introduction to Excellent IT Leadership

The course starts with introductions and confirmation of delegate objectives.

Personal Leadership

Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence emphasises personal leadership — our ability to understand ourselves and achieve our best.

Team Leadership

Our “world class IT” model has been 5 years in the making, and identifies three stages in the development of top performing IT teams:


Peer Leadership – Leadership Profiles

Day 2 uses two leadership models to help IT managers identify their leadership and management style and use it to best effect.The first model looks at how we make decisions and assimilate information, and is a highly effective tool for improving team effectiveness and building influence.The second model looks at
leadership archetypes and gives additional insight into our motivations and applies it to improve effectiveness when working with other managers.


Peer Leadership – Corporate Politics

IT is at the heart of all business and has a key role to
play in many of the key corporate and political decisions. Using the work from day 2, we look at how to build
strong business relationships in the business and
increase our circle of influence.