Excellent IT Leadership: Course Overview

Our flagship 5-day programme covers technology leadership skills and gives the inside track on what makes a top technology leader.Topics include personal leadership and branding, leading technology teams, building influence, technology innovation, IT to business alignment, top-level leadership, and more.

Excellent IT Leadership is first and foremost a practical and interactive course. It combines our own experience with that of over 1,000 clients and delegates and has identified the most valuable lessons on the road to delivering exceptional IT leadership. Delegate feedback has allowed us to tune the course profile to deliver a careful blend of models and guidelines, supported with carefully designed, enjoyable and interactive role plays, case studies and team exercises.


As part of our quest to improve the quality of our courses and the value delegates receive, we are now certifying course completion at two levels. Silver medals and a certificate are awarded to delegates who have successfully completed the full course.

Gold medal certification is available for delegates who in addition have also completed the five nominated course assignments. Each assignment typically takes one hour to complete and is independently assessed by nominated, independent IT management specialists.