Facilitation – Foundation & Practitioner: Course Overview

Facilitation is a common word used in many differing contexts. However, being an effective facilitator for a group, or knowing how to facilitate meetings/events, doesn’t happen just like that. It actually is a highly skilled activity that demands a deep knowledge of a set of proven principles and concepts.

This course is based on the syllabus defined by APMG and developed in collaboration with Tony Mann, an internationally-recognised leader in the area of Facilitation with more than 20 years experience in the field.  The author of several books, Tony has developed a robust methodology that provides the structure to enable specialists and managers to be able to facilitate effectively. The Process Iceberg® Facilitation Methodology, as it is known, has been applied in a broad variety of organisations and situations. Its pragmatic, practical approach has gained a wide range of adherents in the public and private sectors throughout the world.

The Facilitation training program and qualification is offered at both Foundation and Practitioner. The objective of the program is to provide participants with the skills, science and art of facilitation and to give the organisation a capability that will:

The certification is relevant to all sectors and types of situations where people come together to tackle issues, resolve organisational problems and develop effective solutions. The target audience includes all those with a role in organisational development, project management, IT management and change management.


Benefits for Individuals:


Benefits for Organisations:


Foundation Level

The objective of the Foundation course is to impart sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Process Iceberg® Facilitation Methodology to enable participants to facilitate effectively – events, workshops and meetings in the context of projects, business analysis, change, operational effectiveness and business process improvement.


Practitioner Level

The objective of the Practitioner module qualification is to confirm you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor facilitation principles and practice in situations addressing Tasks in Uncertainty, and managing groups that might not have sufficient Process experience. A successful Practitioner candidate should, with suitable direction, be able to apply facilitation principles to small groups as they work on real tasks. They will have learnt a range of models, tools and techniques and more importantly be able to ‘hear’ which one to use in ‘live’, real situations.