Gartner: Agile development needed for mobile apps

Enterprises often depend on a suite of applications tailored to the functions of the organisation. These applications have traditionally been confined to desktops, but now mobile requires attention.

According to research organisation Gartner, this isn't likely to be a simple undertaking without the correct processes. Companies needing to transition to mobile application development will have to consider that traditional development practices may not work for mobile.

"Enterprise application development teams use traditional practices to define and develop desktop applications; however, most don't work with mobile app development," explained research VP at Gartner Van Baker.

He went on to outline how the large range of devices, network connectivity differences and additional mobile considerations could cause issues. While a change in development practice could be difficult, failure to do so could result in set backs in mobile application deployment.

"Application development managers should use functional, performance, load and user experience testing, as well as agile development practices."

Development issues are likely to arise due to a number of reasons, but a large factor could be the difference in screen size of mobile devices. Unlike spacious desktop screens, enterprises will have to ensure a strong user experience in far smaller spaces – likely an issue for many.

Issues with the development process itself could be another factor for companies, but it's one that should be easier to mitigate with the correct practices.

When enterprises begin mobile application development, it's important projects are managed correctly from the outset. Often, this can mean utilising a capable framework such as COBIT 5.

This framework, when implemented correctly via COBIT 5 training courses, ensures control requirements for the project are met, technical issues are avoided and business risks are mitigated. The value of such frameworks also extends beyond individual projects, and can be applied to a number of efforts within an organisation.

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