Gartner expects DevOps to see significant growth

It's often tough to predict future trends, especially in sectors like IT where developments constantly progress. However, Gartner has come forward about a method of development – specifically in regards to software – that could signal big change for enterprises.

This process, called DevOps (Development and Operations) is set to proliferate over the next few years, becoming a mainstream strategy across organisations.

Of course, it's also going to be important that companies use the right IT project management frameworks to ensure the success of the trend.

What is DevOps?

This is a new term that's currently growing in use across the globe, which isn't altogether surprising given the benefits.

It involves developers and operations staff on a project working together, effectively breaking down the traditional 'silos' of older projects. With DevOps, all members of a project are constantly in contact, meaning far more effective collaboration.

What's more, DevOps means both teams are constantly across what's going on in each area, so roadblocks in development that could cause setbacks in operations are identified early. This means they can be caught before snowballing into larger problems.

In a new report, Gartner explained that it's currently a relatively niche trend – but this will change over the next few years. 

Expansion of DevOps

DevOps will soon become a mainstream strategy, according to Gartner, one that's utilised by 25 per cent of global 2,000 organisations.

As early as next year DevOps could become something that's utilised by a significant number of companies.

Next year could see strong DevOps growth.

Next year could see strong DevOps growth.

"In response to the rapid change in business today, DevOps can help organisations that are pushing to implement a bimodal strategy to support their digitalisation efforts," explained Gartner research director Laurie Wurster.

"Digital business is essentially software, which means that organisations that expect to thrive in a digital environment must have an improved competence in software delivery."

DevOps is the ideal development method, and it's easy to see just how beneficial it can actually be. As there is less room for communication breakdown, projects will commonly proceed far more smoothly.

As noted earlier, frameworks can play a critical role in adopting a new DevOps strategy. Staff will be equipped with the right processes to both put the new method in place and ensure that it constantly delivers business value.

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