Growing internet usage requires appropriate IT management

There's no denying the value that the internet has brought to businesses over the past decade, and it's certainly been a key driver in new communication and collaboration endeavours.

However, as internet usage continues to grow and companies begin to move to new online systems such as cloud-based computing, effective management practices are a necessity. 

This article will explore current Australian internet usage, the IT investments of businesses and why these factors will require project management strategies controlled by renowned frameworks.

Australian internet usage growing

Australian internet usage is currently on the rise, with data usage reaching even higher quantities across the country. In the three months to June of this year, Australians downloaded nearly one exabyte, according to a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

To place this astonishing amount of data in perspective, an exabyte is equal to 250 million standard DVDs.

"Overall, there was a 16 per cent increase on broadband downloads in the three months to December last year," said Lesley Martin from the ABS.

"The increase reflects the dominance of broadband, Australia's continuing appetite for the internet and particularly the swing towards higher download speeds."

Global traffic is only set to grow too, with Cisco reporting earlier this year that numbers will reach the 1 zettabyte threshold by the end of 2016. International traffic is set to increase threefold over the next five years. 

Further investment in IT services

Consumers are certainly a substantial driver in internet usage, especially as mobile and home devices become increasingly interconnected and capable – using more data than ever before. However, businesses are also adopting greater numbers of internet-based platforms.

These are often video conferencing solutions hosted in the cloud, cloud-based file storage or even offsite virtual offices that remove the need for expensive computing hardware. Instead, low-powered PC systems can be utilised onsite.

New technologies such as the above can be significant drivers in improving business productivity and operating efficiency, by reducing the need to allocate capital for new hardware. In addition, cloud-based systems mean upgrades are carried out offsite by a third-party provider.

The question is, how can these new technologies be managed as internet usage shows no sign of slowing down?

Managing IT endeavours with ITIL

A strong framework is the best solution for companies and IT professionals needing to effect control over IT endeavours.

Project management is a broad area, but ITIL should be the only consideration for IT service management as it's the most widely adopted approach in the world.

ITIL gives IT professionals and companies a framework that's easy to understand, and makes identifying, planning and delivering services a simple undertaking. In addition, IT services can also be easily supported.

The best practices: The best practices for ITIL are detailed across five core publications that provide a professional IT management approach. These mean organisations can deliver services and then ensure that objectives are continuously being met.

Where it's used: ITIL is used by a number of organisations across the globe, including NASA, the HSBC and the UK National Health Service. This breadth of topic areas certainly showcases the versatility of the framework.

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Any increased investment in IT necessitates the use of management practices, especially to ensure that systems are always under control and secured. ITIL is one of the best ways to handle IT management, and it's a framework companies need to consider.

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