Have you considered certifications for 2015?

With the new year just around the corner, there's no better time to assess how up-to-date you (or your business) is with the most comprehensive IT frameworks.

These methods have been utilised time and again by organisations across the globe to better utilise IT, effect stronger control over projects and ensure better security architectures are in place. There are certainly no better tools to prepare for a new year.

So, for your new years resolution, why not take on a powerful new framework?


ITIL is best known as the widely accepted IT service management approach used by companies across the globe. It's able to help both individuals and organisations utilise IT to manage transformation and growth – key with the ongoing developments in the sector.

But what are the best courses?

ITIL Foundation: Beginners will want to start off with ITIL Foundation, the ideal starting point for anyone (whether an individual or company) wanting to get started using the tool.

ITIL Capability Certificate Courses: Following on from the beginners course are the capability certificates. These modules are the fastest way to gain expert accreditation and each focuses on a different area to provide specialised, process-level knowledge.


For project management there's no better option than PRINCE2, a framework utilised by the UK government and other organisations around the world to ensure projects always go to plan. One of the best things about PRINCE is its versatility, as it can be deployed on a basic IT endeavour or a massive conference.

Getting started with PRINCE2 is easy.

PRINCE2 Foundation: Similar to the ITIL Foundation course, the PRINCE2 equivalent has been created for those who need to gain a basic understanding of what the framework actually is.

It's really useful for anyone who wants a practical understanding, but not fully-fledged professional level knowledge.

Implementing PRINCE2: One of the later courses individuals might opt for is Implementing PRINCE2, a course that's necessary if users want to actually embed PRINCE2 as the project management tool within a company.


For IT governance, COBIT 5 is an excellent option. Given that IT governance has a great deal of strategic importance within organisations, it's necessary to choose a certification that's reliable and delivers the required knowledge.

COBIT 5 Foundation: Of course, there is the COBIT 5 Foundation course which is ideal for anyone new to the methodology and IT governance in general.

This course provides a comprehensive coverage of the COBIT 5 components and also uses an example-driven approach.


The last course on the list deals with security architectures and is certainly a powerful option in a world of growing cyber threats.

This framework is designed to empower a company to carry out tasks whilst also remaining secure.

SABSA Roadmap: The course structure for SABSA starts off with Foundation, which covers the basic level knowledge. It then progresses to Advanced Modules, which count towards higher certification. Upon completion of these two courses, participants move to the Topical Master classes which cover specialty areas.

With security essential in the modern business environment, there's no looking past the benefits of SABSA.

The new year is fast approaching and it's time to get enrolled in a comprehensive certification. Doing so will mean businesses are prepared to handle any changes or new developments over the course of 2015.

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