Hiring intentions reach a high point

Many jobseekers within Australia could have more luck finding new positions in the first quarter of this year, according to a recently published report from recruitment firm Hudson.

In the study that detailed the hiring landscape, Australian companies' intention to hire jumped to the highest point in nearly three years, despite "lukewarm economic conditions and weak GDP figures". This is certainly good news for those seeking new positions.

Nationwide expectations

Hiring managers within Australia are currently feeling optimistic about the year ahead – with Hudson noting that a great deal are looking to start ramping up hiring figures in order to grow the business. A substantial net 18.7 per cent of employers plan to increase staffing levels in the first quarter alone.

However, most hiring managers will be seeking out positions that "underpin future growth opportunities". Basically, a shift away from the more traditional reporting and transactional roles. Such a change is likely to continue to over the next few years, with businesses looking for employees capable of bringing significant value to the table.

What professions are experiencing growth?

Of course, hiring sentiments aren't universal – there are a number of sectors in Australia that will see more opportunities than others.

In this first quarter, Hudson explained that the sentiment among Financial Services professionals is currently the strongest across all sectors. A net 36.9 per cent of hiring managers are planning to increase the number of staff in Q1 2015.

"Financial services teams have recognised that the landscape has permanently changed and are driving significant transformation projects," Hudson explained.

"Those professionals with exposure to agile environments are highly sought after as are compliance and risk professionals who can help organisations navigate the plethora of regulatory change on the horizon."

Legal, sales, marketing and communications all tailed behind. Other sectors of note included ICT, HR, office support and technical and engineering.

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