How can ITIL certification help build your IT career?

It's no secret that the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is one of the most highly regarded IT service management frameworks in the world today. 

As such, an investment in ITIL certification is one that offers significant returns for both the IT professional achieving the qualification and the business which has sponsored them. 

Not only can an ITIL qualification help improve IT service management in your existing organisation, by introducing a set of proven and comprehensive management practices, but it can also offer a significant career boost as well. 

ITIL certification will improve your on-the-job performance, equipping you with new skills and the knowledge required to be more productive and effective while on the job. This makes it essential for those looking to move up the corporate ladder. 

Furthermore, being certified in ITIL will improve your credibility and standing amongst decision makers, showcasing your skillset and proving that you are a valuable and well-equipped member of the workforce.

Should you choose to leave your current position further down the line, an ITIL certification will benefit you, not only during your hunt for new employment, but also once you join the ranks of your new co-workers. 

ITIL qualifications are highly sought after by employers, particularly those who have already employed the ITIL framework within their organisation and need team members who are familiar with these practices.

Even organisations that are not yet investing in ITIL will appreciate the unique perspective and industry expertise that you bring to the table with your qualification. 

Experience in ITIL can also lead to new career options in and of itself. Qualified and knowledgeable ITIL instructors are frequently in demand by those looking to develop this skillset in their own right. 

There are ITIL certification programs currently scheduled all across Australia – including in both New South Wales and Western Australia – so if you're looking for ITIL qualifications in Sydney or Perth, consider getting in touch today.