How PRINCE2 and Agile integrate to ensure project success

Project management is no doubt something that’s on the minds of nearly every IT professional, given the risks of failure on modern projects. Whatever the reason for failure – whether it’s budget overruns or missing deadlines – it’s something most people will want to avoid.

Before proceeding with a new project, IT professionals should evaluate the advantages of doing so with a proven and reliable project management framework.

The need for a framework

Only 41 per cent of respondents said their project managers always utilised a management methodology, according to a a survey published in 2013 by research firm KPMG.

The study outlined a startling correlation between use of a methodology and the outcomes of any given project. In fact, 90 per cent of organisations that were consistent in successful project delivery utilised a methodology nearly every time.

This correlation between use of a framework and the success of a project certainly serves to highlight the necessity of these undertakings. Projects can have an even higher chance of success when certain frameworks are integrated.

Understanding PRINCE2

PRINCE2 is a renowned framework that’s part of the Best Management Practice (BMP) framework portfolio. These frameworks have been developed over time to ensure best practice is always the primary focus, covering a range of topics able to complement each other.

This ensures PRINCE2 is a strong choice for a range of projects. It can be applied regardless of the scale of a project, the organisation or even the culture currently in place.

Understanding Agile

On the other side or project management is the Agile methodology. There are many frameworks that fall under the agile banner, and every one is focused on value delivery in the shortest amount of time to market. In addition, agile has a strong focus on effective cycle times.

The Agile family has been in development since the mid-1980s, and it’s been able to adapt to changing project environments whenever necessary.

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Considering integration

These two frameworks can work extremely well when placed together as agile can be put to use as the delivery framework, while PRINCE2 oversees project governance. The benefits of Agile can certainly be seen here, as there’s no limitation on the organisation size.

Scrum is one of the Agile frameworks that can be effectively utilised with PRINCE2, as it’s a highly capable agile option. This is a version of Agile that’s implemented across the globe, given the relatively simple mode of deployment and operation.

Scrum utilises what’s called a ‘sprint’, a two-four week cycle that developers work off to deliver functional products at the conclusion of each period. What’s more, the quality of these short development cycles should be of a standard that they can be implemented into a live environment.

Of course, this may not be appropriate for every project, and that’s where managers may opt to release these short increments as a larger release further on in development.

The right training

For project managers or IT professionals seeking to begin training in a strong framework such as PRINCE 2, Agile or even both, it’s a good idea to consider using ALC Training/PDA.

Courses can be delivered to all major cities within Australia and other location across the globe as and when required.

To ensure projects begin meeting deadlines and sticking to pre-determined budgets, it’s important to assess utilising the highly capable Agile and PRINCE2​ frameworks.