How to begin implementing ITIL in your SME

When most people consider the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), they see it as a tool designed solely for larger organisations with massive technology requirements and complex IT infrastructures.

However, the truth is that even small to mid size enterprises can benefit from incorporating this hugely popular and proven framework into your IT department. 

Although the prescriptive standards included in ITIL were created with large businesses in mind, they can be adopted and tailored to the needs of SMEs, so long as you pay proper consideration to the unique requirements of your business.

Start by assessing the maturity of your organisation. How effective are your existing IT processes? Are there gaps in efficiency where your organisation is not managing its technology infrastructure as economically as it could be? 

Next, consider the various benefits and advantages that ITIL can offer. Remember that if deployed correctly, ITIL should make your organisation more productive and efficient, as opposed to creating more work for stakeholders.

The nature of ITIL is that it is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all tool. It must be adopted and tailored to the organisation which is deploying it, and this is where many SMEs trip up. 

For this reason, you'll need someone on your team who is certified in ITIL and understands how this framework operates in a practical, professional environment. They'll be able to coordinate the integration of ITIL into your organisation and ensure you are fully capitalising on this tool's potential. 

ITIL is a proven and comprehensive IT management framework that was developed with the cooperation of thousands of experts around the world – so why should only established companies benefit from this resource?

By making a small investment of time and resources today, your SME can capitalise on the benefits that ITIL offers and become stronger and more economical as a result.