How to complement your ITIL certification

An effective and efficient customer service desk is an essential element of any organisation, allowing clients greater accessibility to the services your company provides.

Understanding your customer needs and requirements can really boost the performance and success rates of your service delivery, separating you from your competitors.

Developing a basic knowledge of your client base is a good beginning, but to really build and consolidate that learning even further, taking a specialist course in this topic can ensure you are applying best practice within all client communications. This builds on theoretical knowledge gained in other courses such as your ITIL training

A one-day Customer Service Skills course entails the basics of customer service processes, including the essential 'do's and don'ts' to aid target achievements and make the information relay between specialist and customer smoother and less fraught with possible pitfalls.

However, it is important to recognise that negative feedback is a reality in the world of software system operations. For this reason, it is imperative that staff understand how to approach this sensitive topic in order to maintain good relations with your client base.

Whether staff are handling angry telephone calls, or running the service desk, it's vital that they record any customer service issues appropriately and efficiently, to ensure they are followed-up with the correct procedures. Learning about helpful tips to assist your frontline desk staff can prove very insightful, and can be utilised in other areas of your business operations too.

With no prerequisites necessary to complete this course, it's the ideal starting point for all levels of customer service in your business. A grounding in customer service best practice is useful for managerial staff on both the service desk and delivery sides, along with the team members who are the first point of contact for client enquiries in your company.