Information Security for Executives: Course Overview

With the cyber security threat landscape constantly evolving, Executives and Directors are increasingly aware that they have a critical role in ensuring the resilience of their organisation at this time of unprecedented risk.

The need for appropriate cyber security frameworks, policies and approaches has never been greater and the lead has to come from the top. Ultimately it is the C-Suite and the Board that is responsible for effective enterprise risk management.


ALC has developed a range of fully-customisable presentations – one hour to one day – designed to give C-Suite executives, management, and even the Board, the information they need to better understand the nature and magnitude of the cyber risks they face, their own role in addressing these risks, and the range of actions available to maximise their organisation’s cyber resilience.
All sessions are conducted by a select group of senior practitioners well versed in presenting to top management. Presentations are available in person or in Live Virtual format.

We also have fully customisable cyber awareness programs for general staff addressing the human factor.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact the ALC team.