Is PRINCE2 right for you?

Projects are a given in any business, and as such it's important to consider the necessity of effective management. Having a strong framework to apply to any project can ensure deadlines are met, staff stay on track and there's rarely any issues or hiccups.

It's important to understand that projects aren't relegated to particular endeavours within a company, and that project management can be utilised nearly anywhere. Events such as conferences or trade shows, for example, are ripe candidates for a suitable management framework.

When a project management framework is utilised, the chance of a failure and the associated costs are significantly reduced.

This article will explore why the PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) framework is essential for businesses and individuals alike, and how it's able to deliver tangible results when it comes to project management.

A look at PRINCE2

PRINCE2 was developed by the UK government to address project management issues, and is now used extensively used by the public sector around the globe. It's a framework designed specifically to navigate users through what's required to successfully run a project through to completion.

The development of PRINCE 2 was led by user-based improvements, a review panel of 150 organisations (both public and private) and project management specialists. This team was able to ensure that the tool is generic enough to be used by any company, and adaptable enough to be applied to innumerable projects.

This versatility ensures that PRINCE2 is a capable tool that will continue to be utilised by a company for any number of projects.

A PRINCE2 project is primarily driven by the business case of the project which describes the organisation's justification and rationale for the deliverables and outcomes.

This case is constantly reviewed throughout the entire life cycle of the project to guarantee that business objectives are met.

An overview of the courses

Within the PRINCE2 education framework, there are a number of courses available to get the most out of the tool. These range in length, but all deal with important topics and considerations.

Here are two valuable PRINCE2 courses from ALC Training that need to be considered.

It's a good idea to start with the Practitioner Certificate, which is designed for those who wish to fully master PRINCE2, while simultaneously obtaining a certification recognised around the world.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Prep course is suitable for those looking to the next step to the practitioner level. This course has a strong focus on workshops and exercises to teach how best to transform theory into practice.

Why ALC Training should be considered

ALC Training offers the most comprehensive and detailed PRINCE2 program, one that ensures course participants leave with all necessary knowledge to handle a project using the framework.

This isn't solely confined to a single size of business either, as ALC offer courses for small, medium and large companies. This offering reflects the nature of PRINCE2, which in itself can be used by businesses of any size.

Our trainers are also fully accredited, not to mention long-term users of the PRINCE2 framework as both practitioners and consultants. There's certainly no denying the value of an education from individuals who understand exactly how it works.


PRINCE2 should be considered for all projects within a company, especially given the improvements offered through implementation. Using a framework that can be used time and again across a number of projects is certain to be the best option when it comes to project management.

For education, it's hard to look past the comprehensive courses offered by ALC Training. If you'd like to find out more, contact us today.