Is TOGAF a necessary certification?

Managing enterprise information architecture is often one of the more difficult tasks IT professionals will face, especially as networks become increasingly complex. A number of frameworks are available, however, which can assist with planning, implementation and governance.

By understanding these frameworks, enterprise information architecture becomes less difficult to deal with. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is one of these frameworks and can be highly valuable for organisations.

What is TOGAF?

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture methodology and framework, designed to improve business efficiency by giving software architects and IT professionals a structured approach for organising and governing enterprise information architecture.

It can deliver benefits at all levels, including the important design phase and during ongoing development maintenance. It can be used by any organisation professional desiring an effective enterprise architecture.

TOGAF can be especially useful when comprehensive IT integration is required. For example, two companies may merge, and bring two different sets of billing software and accounting systems. When these need to be merged, difficulties can arise.

With a framework like TOGAF​, it's relatively simple to undertake large-scale system integrations.

Is it necessary?

For IT professionals or organisations requiring a comprehensive framework, TOGAF is a highly capable option. The high level approach given to design across business, application data and technology is extremely useful, and can be utilised on a regular basis.

If system integrations are ever required, there's often little to no issue, as TOGAF can be implemented.

Gaining the certification

Before TOGAF can be successfully implemented, it's necessary to gain an appropriate certification. Becoming certified in TOGAF 9 is one of the best approaches, and focuses on the practical application of the methodology. With the course from ALC, a large focus is applied to realistic enterprise architecture scenarios.

TOGAF, like other methodology and framework certifications such as ITIl, can be extremely useful for businesses.