ITIL® Lifecycle: Service Transition: Course Contents

1. Introduction to Service Transition

Introduction to the concepts and terminology in the field of Service Management in general and the main goals and objectives of Service Transition. You will understand:

2. Service Transition Principles

The basic guiding principles of Service Transition.

3. Service Transition Processes

The managerial and supervisory aspects of the ITIL processes covered in the Service Transition stage – but excluding the day to day operation of the processes which are primarily covered in the Release, Control and Validation module.

4. Service Transition Related Activities

High-level view of the communications and stakeholder management activities which support Service Transition in addition to the processes covered in Service Transition Processes:

5. Organisation for Service Transition

Roles and responsibilities appropriate within Service Transition and the Service Transition focused capabilities. It will also cover possible Service Transition organisational structures and their applicability to different circumstances.

6. Consideration of Technology

Technology and tools requirements and considerations for Service Transition.

7. Implementation and Improvement of Service Transition

Implementation and improvement of Service Transition in an organisation:

8. Summary and Exam Preparation

This unit will summarise the material covered in the previous units and prepare delegates for the examination.