Our upcoming PRINCE2 Canberra schedules

ALC offers in Canberra a full program of project, programme and portfolio training. All courses are fully accredited and course content has been customised so that examples and case studies have maximum alignment with the needs of government.

Here’s our schedule for upcoming Canberra courses:

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Programme and Portfolio Training

The following courses are also held in Canberra:

MSP Managing Successful Programs (Foundation / Practitioner)
Managing Benefits – Foundation/Practitioner
P3O Portfolio Programme and Project Offices
MoP Management of Portfolios – Foundation/Practitoner
MoR Management of Risk
Directing a Project with PRINCE2
Directing a Portfolio of Programmes and Projects
Fundamentals of Project Management

In-House Training in Canberra

All public schedule courses are available for in-house presentation in Canberra. For further information please contact our Canberra Training Manager The ALC Team or else call 1300 767592.

PRINCE2 Overview

More than thirty years ago, the UK government UK decided it needed a better way of managing IT projects. As a result, it created the PRINCE (Projects in Controlled Environments) framework to effectively manage projects in all situations.

Since then, PRINCE2 has evolved to the next generation PRINCE2 and become the internationally recognised framework for managing projects. Understanding PRINCE2 is essential for anyone involved in project management today.

The framework has been adapted across the globe, with organisations of all types and sizes using PRINCE2 to ensure they are operating to international standards of best practice, as well as to help boost productivity and output.

ALC provision of PRINCE2 Training in Canberra

Whether wishing to study independently or as part of a company group, ALC can cater for all PRINCE2 training needs. Regardless of current level or experience, any individual can benefit from PRINCE2 training to better understand this essential framework.

Providing training that combines both theoretical as well as practical elements is what sets ALC Training apart. Our expert instructors are chosen for depth of knowledge and excellence in teaching.

Mixing theoretical study with the opportunity to analyse actual situations in which PRINCE2 could be used allows for course attendees to get hands-on knowledge of the framework while at the same time understanding its analytical elements too.

Why ALC should provide your PRINCE2 training in Canberra

Whether you are new to project management or already expereinced, ALC can provide a training course to suit your needs. We offer courses at the following levels: