Making use of the Agile framework

Running projects in businesses of any size can be difficult, and there's often a risk of deadline and budget overruns without careful management.

These can be substantial setbacks, and need to be avoided where possible. The question is, what's the best way for organisations to more effectively approach projects?

Capable project management training, along with a focus on IT governance, should become considerations for businesses.

A leaner approach to projects

In organisations of any size, projects are a certainty, but undertaking and managing them effectively is a different issue altogether. This is where the Agile Project Management (AgilePM) framework is especially useful, as it's designed specifically for project-focused environments.

Once personnel have been given the appropriate training, they have access to an approach that enables faster response to project change, and they can more effectively implement new initiatives. This approach means that even projects currently underway can be altered or steered in a new direction with ease.

Agile is accredited by APMG international, and based on proven fundamentals. Once businesses have begun using the framework, projects can be delivered to a high standard with improved visibility. In addition, there's added project empowerment provided by Agile.

Beginning an Agile course

The best way to implement the Agile framework in business is through a comprehensive training course, one tailored to the needs of the company. These courses ensure that the participants can handle a variety of projects effectively.

Whether it's for five staff or 20, ALC Training/PDA can provide training within the Asia-Pacific region and deliver courses wherever required to countries across the globe.

A course with ALC will focus on laying the appropriate foundation for Agile projects, provide a comprehensive understanding of how Agile projects are supposed to be managed and clarifying the different management styles.

Businesses should consider the value of Agile training, and the benefits it can have on a variety of projects.