Managing & Leading Diverse Teams: Course Overview

This powerful two-day course has been designed specifically to address the key challenges managers face in today’s diverse workplace.

“Making the most of diverse work teams takes skill, time and awareness of differences. Depending on how they are managed, such teams can yield terrible headaches or terrific results”

The shape of organisations is changing and the makeup of teams and workgroups is becoming more diverse. In addition to all the usual issues, today’s managers have to deal with globalisation, flatter organisations, more out-sourcing, external / independent contractors, telecommuting, off-shoring, time zones, different cultures, guest-working and increased legal compliance, to name but a few.

It goes further than traditional management and team building programs by bringing a distinctly 21st century perspective of what makes people different. The course addresses diversity in its own right and across all dimensions.  We look at how each of the core components needs to be re-examined and applied in a diverse environment – so that managers and team leaders can apply each of the core elements of first-level management and leadership in order to connect with every one of their diverse team and with the team itself.


Experiential Learning -Through active participation in this intense 2-day course you WILL communicate differently and more effectively! Features include: