PRINCE2 Practitioner (5 days): Course Overview

The PRINCE2™ Certificate course is a comprehensive 5-day program that provides participants with the foundation level of theoretical and practical knowledge of PRINCE2, the non-proprietary best practice model that ensures project delivery is on time, on budget and of high quality. This course is the first of two modules which educates participants in all aspects of the PRINCE2 methodology, including its practical application. It covers 7 PRINCIPLES, 7 THEMES, 7 PROCESSES of PRINCE2 at the most detailed level including all sub-processes and techniques. Exercises are based on a real life case study to ensure that participants learn the practical application of PRINCE2 theory.

The 5-day program comprises a 3-day Foundation Module and 2-day Practitioner Preparation Module, which can be taken together or separately. Through practice exams, workshops and evening study, you can gain the knowledge and skills required to take both the Foundation and Practitioner exams.


Special Features

When you attend this program you receive: