Project, Programme and Portfolio Management

ALC provides a leading suite of courses and executive briefings on project, programme and portfolio management.

In addition to our regular training on PRINCE2, we provide:

Why Programme and Portfolio Management?


It used to be Project Management

Historically, the focus over the last few decades has been on the skills necessary to maximise the success rate of projects – good practices, and maybe even “best” practices – to slant the odds in favour of getting projects completed on budget and on time.  PMBoK and PRINCE2 are two major manifestations of this focus.

But there is much more to it than that!

More recently, there has been increasing recognition of the importance of managing whole suites of projects – programmes and portfolios of projects – to ensure that the benefits are successfully managed and realised, and that they provide genuine value in alignment with the goals of the enterprise.

Frameworks and bodies of knowledge have been developed to help senior management in the often daunting task of managing and guiding their organisations through a programme of change intiaitives i.e. projects.

Comprehensive expertise available to you

In this context, ALC offers to you an industry-leading set of courses and executive briefings that comprehensively addresses the requirements for good knowledge and understanding of these frameowrks and bodies of knowledge.

We are not just a “sausage machine” doing exam-cram for basic project management certitifications in PRiNCE2.  We go much further. We give you the prep you need to pass the exam. But the real objective is to ensure that you properly understand how something works in the “real world” so that you can add real value to your organisation.

Our trainers are international-standard, extensively experienced consultants who cover the whole gamut – from project management to managing benefits – to properly address your organisational requrements.

Our Courses

MoP™ Management of Portfolios  

Many organisations focus on the performance of individual projects, or at best, on the performance of individual programmes and projects, rather than on the performance of the sum-total of all their change initiatives i.e. the portfolio. This makes it difficult to properly evaluate the cumulative effect that change initiatives will have on the organisation and to coordinate the implementation of change so as to safeguard the integrity of business operations.

The objective of this course is to enable delegates to understand the key factors in successful Portfolio Management as described in the official OGC MoP Guide so that they can then apply it in practice.

Managing Benefits™ 

The point of investing in new tools and technology is not the technology itself, but improving business performance, realising tangible benefits and achieving strategic objectives.

This course is designed for all those with a role in ensuring best use of funds by maximising the benefits realised from change initiatives. This multi-disciplinary group includes:

• Senior management
• Strategic planners responsible for change
• Business case developers and project appraisers
• Portfolio, programme & project managers
• Change support staff

MSP® Managing Successful Programes 

This coure covers the key aspects of the MSP methodology, including the five core processes of the Transformational Flow and the nine Governance Themes that provide the control framework for programme delivery. It also covers the programme management principles needed to deliver a programme in a sometimes-volatile corporate strategy.

The course is particularly appropriate for:

• Project Managers who need to manage programmes in complex and dynamic environments
• Anyone who requires a detailed understanding of a programme management methodology
• Project Office managers who are looking to support a programme
• Programme management professionals who need looking to obtain a world-recognised qualification.

P3O® Portfolio, Programme & Project Office  

P3O brings together in one place a set of principles, processes and techniques to facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures. P3O also bridges the gap between the strategy/ policy makers and the delivery arm of the organisation.

The course is designed for:
• Programme Directors / Managers
• Business Managers involved in approving/prioritising business change investments
• Project Managers who need to better understand Portfolios/Programmes
• Managers who need a structure for working alongside corporate organisational investments (projects and programmes)

Directing a Project with PRINCE2®  

Available as a half-day or one-day execiutive briefing, the objective is to give members of the Project Board and other critical project stakeholders an understanding of the context, purpose, role and structure of the PRINCE2 methodology and of how PRINCE2 projects are governed and directed by the Project Board.

This course is designed for two main groups:
• Members of the Project Board, Project Executives, Senior Users and Senior Suppliers
• Other roles within Programmes/Projects including Project Assurance, Project Support, Business Change Managers, Programme Managers

Implementing PRINCE2® 

Passing the exam and getting the certification is only Step 1. This course has been specifically designed to show how to successfully embed PRINCE2 as the project management framework for your organisation.

This course is designed for:
• Portfolio Managers, Programme Managers, Project Managers
• Members of the Project Support Office
• Managers responsible for organisation performance and performance improvement.



100% Australian

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Not an exam-cram sausage machine

Sure, we all want to pass the exam and get that piece of paper.  And we are good at getting you there.

But there’s much more to it than that. We go further. We offer the whole gamut of project, programme and portfolio frameworks and methodologies to ensure that you can add real value to your organisation as well as your career.