SABSA Advanced: Architectural Design: Course Overview

Module A3 – Advanced SABSA Architecture & Design

The SABSA A3 Course is an advanced 5 day program for those who already have SABSA knowledge and understanding through having been certified at SABSA Foundation Level. Those who have also gained field experience of using their Foundation Level training in a work situation will benefit most from attendance at a SABSA Advanced course.

The emphasis of A3 is very much on group discussions, personal research and practical workshops, rather than on teaching new SABSA materials, although this course does take the F1/F2 content to a greater degree of depth within the scope of Architecture and Design. The course is NOT a technology course, but a course in how to apply SABSA processes to the development of architectures and designs for business solutions. Some of the case studies for workshops suggest certain technology deployments but the focus is not on learning about these technologies.

The SABSA Institute Professional Competency Framework is created from Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Levels. Advanced modules are not about mere knowledge – knowledge about SABSA has already been developed and tested at Foundation Level (SCF certification) – they are about the development and demonstration of competence to apply SABSA and achieve valuable results for the benefit of the organisation and the individual.