SABSA Advanced: Architectural Design: Learning Outcomes

The SABSA Institute education and training programme is based on a competency framework comprising a set of knowledge elements, each one expanded to the six cognitive levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. The Foundation courses cover all the SABSA knowledge elements at cognitive levels 1 (Knowledge) and 2 (Comprehension) – which means that having been certified at SABSA Foundation Level you have proved that you ‘know stuff’ and that you ‘understand the stuff’.

All the Advanced SABSA courses take these same knowledge elements and extend them to the next four cognitive levels: 3 (Application), 4 (Analysis), 5 (Synthesis) and 6 (Evaluation). However, each individual Advanced Course restricts the set of knowledge elements covered to those relevant to the specific knowledge domain (in the case of A3, the knowledge domain of Architecture and Design). After attending the A3 course and becoming certified, you will prove that you can apply knowledge with an in-depth understanding and analysis of SABSA, in turn allowing one to be able to evaluate and make well rounded choices.

Benefits in attending this Advanced SABSA course: