SABSA Foundation2: Course Overview

SABSA® is the world’s leading open security architecture framework and methodology. SABSA is a top-to-bottom framework and methodology to conceive, conceptualise, design, implement and manage security in a business-driven model.

The term ‘business-driven’ is the key to SABSA’s power, and its acceptance. SABSA is all about empowering the organisation to do business as it needs and wants to do, while ensuring that it is secured and fully enabled. SABSA is an open and inclusive standard that readily integrates with other frameworks and tools such as ITIL, 17799/27000 series, COBIT and the like. It can be used as a compliance and governance framework for complex sets of standards.

SABSA is used commonly as the security parallel and tool set for organisations using the world’s leading IT Architecture Framework – Zachman.

SABSA Roadmap

The SABSA Certification Program is structured into three areas – Foundation (the mandatory base for all certification), Advanced Modules (counting towards Practitioner and Masters certification), and Topical Master Classes (two-day non- exam events covering specialty areas and offering credits towards certification).

There are five core career streams:

Unlike the previous roadmap which forced strict paths along specific streams, these can be mixed-and-matched (along with the Master Classes) to give you exactly the skill set required in your chosen career.

[su_trainers_box_top title=”Our trainers make the difference”]When you attend a training course there are actually two costs – the course fee, and the value of your time. You can see the fee. But whether you get value for your time and money depends totally on the quality of the course.

Lots of things go into making a great course, but the single most important is always the trainer: their knowledge of the subject, their real world experience that they can draw upon in the class, their ability to answer questions, their communication skills. This is what makes the difference.

ALC works only with the best. When it comes to SABSA, ALC has two exceptional world-class trainers: [/su_trainers_box_top] [su_trainer url=”” image=”” name=”David Lynas”]David Lynas is a globally renowned Enterprise Security Architect and Security Strategist. He is co-founder of the SABSA Framework and is one of the foremost international authorities and educators on SABSA. With more than 30 years experience in information security, David has been invited to provide strategic advice to governments and industry clients on every continent.[/su_trainer] [su_trainer url=”” image=”” name=”Peter Nikitser “]Peter is Director, Cyber Security Services at ALC Group where he is responsible for the development and implementation of ALC Group’s cyber security training program throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  Peter is one of a select group to hold the SABSA Masters qualification. [/su_trainer]