Taking advantage of AgilePM

Those working in project-focused environments can often find it difficult to manage the myriad issues that crop up day to day.

Whether it's budget overruns, staffing issues or perhaps problems with clients, these project workers need to be able to respond appropriately. While it may sound like expensive education is the only option, the answer could be as simple as a four day Agile Project Management (AgilePM) course.

Anyone considering this framework should firstly take a look at what is, what it can offer and how to get started.

What is AgilePM?

This is a certification aimed primarily at those working in project-focused environments. It's designed to offer a leaner, more structured approach that means it's easier to respond to changes – a given on any large project.

Fast and effective change is really the core of Agile project management – this differs from traditional methodologies that require a thorough understanding of the reasons for change before it's enabled. On a real project with many moving parts, slowing down could cause a number of delays.

The benefits of the course

The AgilePM course, available from ALC Training, is quite comprehensive, and covers a number of areas.

Participants will learn the underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile, the lifecycle of a project, and the products produced during an Agile project, as well as their exact purpose.

AgilePM is a great way to better manage projects.

AgilePM is a great way to better manage projects.

A substantial amount of content is covered over the course, including:

Who is it good for?

There is no set criteria for the AgilePM course – it's open to anyone involved in project management along with project managers. Basically, it's aimed at those who want to learn how to apply agile approaches, within a project management lifecycle framework.

What's the best way to get started?

Getting started with AgilePM is extremely easy – all that's required is a four day course. These are hosted across many major cities – and don't interfere with usual business operations. Given the short course timeframe, it's easy to take part and learn the necessary skills and approaches.

If you'd like to get started with AgilePM or one of the many other frameworks that deal with IT service management, security and project management, get in touch with ALC Training today.